Our Properties

We serve multi-nationals, local market leaders, and small businesses with the international-standard warehousing, infrastructure and services they need to grow.


Strategically located warehousing facilities near the land customs clearing area close to industrial hubs of Sulaibiya, Doha and Shuwaikh.

Sulaibiya Extension

Strategically located warehousing facilities dedicated to small and medium businesses and workshops with a focus on the food and beverage sector.

Mina Abdullah

Large warehousing and storage complex in the largest industrial area of Kuwait in close proximity and off of Highway Road 40.


Dedicated space for small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) workshops and workspaces.

Al Khayma Mall

This retail shopping center is located in one of the most vibrant areas of Jahra.


Strategically located warehousing facilities near the new Jaber Al Ahmed Bridge creating a direct link to Shuwaikh Port and other key locations.

Jahra Extension

The Jahra park serves small and medium businesses in the industrial sector with fully equipped, ready-built facilities for light and commercial industrial workshops.

South Village in Sabah Al Ahmad City

South Village is a multi-purpose commercial, logistics and crafts/services zone serving Sabah Al-Ahmad City, Kuwait’s next-generation city. In addition to warehousing, manufacturing and small-business crafts workshops, South Village offers labor accommodations and convenient shopping, dining and services options. South Village is the economic heart of one of Kuwait’s most ambitious urban development projects, the foundation of the country’s vision for smart, sustainable living.